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14141 Old Highway 49

Amador City, California

Cranberry Walnut Sourdough

French Baguette

A crusty, flavorful French bread.  Our favorite for cheese and dips.

Available Daily


Our breads are handcrafted

and made from scratch.

We use a combination of long and natural fermentation for our breads  before being baked in a hearth oven.

Sourdough with cranberries and toasted walnuts.

Naturally leavened

Available Friday, Saturday, & Sunday

Blue Cheese & Walnut


A French dough filled with blue cheese and toasted California walnuts.  A customer favorite.

Available Daily

An Italian flatbread with a light, airy crumb and chewy crust.  Our favorite for burgers and garlic bread.

Available Daily

Sprouted Wheat


Light Rye with Caraway

Multi Grain Loaf

Made with wheat flour,  sprouted spelt, flax seed, and honey.

Available Saturday

Made from a starter that originated from wild yeast back in 1999.  It is the crustiest of our breads and has a dense crumb.  Naturally Leavened.  Available Friday - Sunday

A light rye bread made with caraway seeds.  

Available in a round or loaf, one Sunday a month.  Sign up for our rye email list to be notified of the bake day.

A light wheat bread filled with 9 different grains and topped with sesame and sunflower seeds.

Available on Sundays.


The best way to store bread is in a bread box or to keep in in the paper bag (with the top closed) and store in the pantry.  

We do not recommend plastic, because it accelerates the staling process by giving mold and bacteria a more favorable environment in which to grow.  Additionally, the flavor and crust deteriorates quickly in plastic.  Refrigeration, also, accelerates the staling process.  

If you do not plan to use the bread within two days, freezing the bread is another solution.  Our bread freezes very well.  Wrap the loaf or even half of it in plastic wrap and freeze up to two mouths.  When needed, just take out the loaf to thaw for a few hours.  To refresh the loaf, place it in the oven at 400 degrees for 5-10 minutes.


French Rolls

Dutch Crunch Rolls

Ciabatta Rolls

4 oz rolls.  

One day advance notice required

Pumpernickel Rye

Available Thursdays

Tart Cherry Rye on Thursdays and Sundays

Cheesy Bread

ch Baguette

Available Friday

Mediterranean Loaf

Available Fridays

Saturday Baker’s Whim