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Specialty Cheese

General Cheese & Wine Pairing Guidelines

We carry over 30 types of imported and domestic cheese with an

emphasis on artisanal cheesemakers.  New cheeses arrive every week.

Feel free to ask questions or for suggestions.  

If you are curious about a cheese, we can give you a taste before you buy.

There are many different cheeses and wines, so here is a general guideline on pairing.  It, also, depends on personal preference.

Young Milky Cheeses --- Light, Young, and Fruity Wine, White or Red like Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Noir

Strong Flavored cheeses  --- Young Robust Red Wine

Aged Mellow Cheeses --- Older Robust Wines like Cabernet Sauvignon and Zinfandel

Soft Ripened Cheeses --- Full Flavored Chardonnays

Soft, Rich Cheese, Taste not Overpowering --- Older Fine Wines

Intense, Complex Blues --- Sweet Dessert Wines like Port or Sauternes

Source The Cheese Lover’s Cookbook & Guide by Paula Lambert

Storing Cheese

It is ideal to store your cheese in the vegetable drawer in your refrigerator.  

Since it is alive, let it breathe.

Fresh Cheese will last a week or two while hard cheeses like Parmigiano Reggiano will keep for one to two mouths

Serving Cheese

It is always best to serve cheese at room temperature for the best flavor, texture, and aroma.  Remove it from the cheese wrap and allow to come up to room temperature for thirty minutes to one hour before enjoying.  

Cheeses can be served with various items; besides our handcrafted, hearth baked breads, serve it with dried or seasonal fresh fruit, nuts, honey, olives, cured meats, and crackers.

Cheese Plates



Cheddar or Cheddar like




Firm sheep


Mt. Tam

Seascape or Holey Cow

Pt. Reyes Blue

Chevre such as Redwood Hill Crottin


Brie de Nangis

St. Agur

Chevre Fleurie


Petit Basque




Delice de Bourgogne

Le Chevrot