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Double Lemon Tart

Tart lemon custard topped with lemon cream in an almond short dough

4”  or 8” Tart

Cakes,Tarts, & Pies

Chocolate desserts and local, seasonal fresh fruit desserts.  Yum!

Basque Cake

A delicious pound cake with pastry cream baked into the middle and topped with toasted walnuts

available for shipping

or at Corti Brothers in Sacramento

Chocolate Praline Crunch

Chocolate ganache with crunch cookie with praline cremeux kisses

4”  or 8” Tart


A delicious layered cake with crunchy hazelnut, chocolate mousse, creme anglaise, almond cake, and praline cremeux

Almond Torte

Gateaux Voyage

A wheat free almond cake made with almond paste and orange zest.


at Corti Brothers in Sacramento

Harvest Cake

Spiced cake topped with caramel creme brulee and pumpkin mousse.