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14141 Old Highway 49

Amador City, California


7:30 am to 4 pm


Easter Specials


Champagne Brioche

Brioche made with Champagne, tart cherries, & pistachios.  8” loaf  14.95

Brioche Rolls

A light, buttery egg bread in bags of eight individual rolls.  6.80


Hot Cross Buns

Lightly spiced buns filled with currants and candied orange

splashed with a cross on top.  Buns available April 11 to 14, too.  2.25  each or 13.00 for six

lil’ hot cross loaf  6.75

Lil’ Lemon Loaf

Classic French style lemon cake    Loaf  6.95

Cakes & Tarts

Double Lemon Tart

The tartness of lemon custard offset by the creaminess of lemon curd

in a sweet, almond  shortbread crust

4” tart 4.95,  8” tart (serves 6-8) 15.95  

Fresh Fruit Panna Cotta Tart

Fresh fruit on top of a light Italian cream in an almond  shortbread crust

4” tart 5.95,  8” tart (serves 6-8) 17.95  

Basque Cake

Our classic pound cake with pastry cream baked inside

topped with walnuts   8” cake -15

Chocolate Truffle Mousse Cake

A thin layer of Chocolate cake topped with rich, creamy chocolate mousse.  Flourless

3” cake - 5.95,   6” cake - 17.95 (serves 6-8)

Easter Chocolates

Chocolate Bars, Chocolate Bags, Hand Decorated Cross, & 20 oz Solid Chocolate Rabbit